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Bridging the gap in prospect development

As the most comprehensive relationship mapping solution, Prospect Visual enables organizations to maximize peer networks and “connect the dots” between their key constituents and prospective targets. Organizations who use Prospect Visual continue to engage top prospects and accelerate prospect development.

Prospect Visual

  1. Compiles manual and automated data research on 70+ million people
  2. Visualizes constituents' relationships and connects them to prospects
  3. Pinpoints strongest peer connections to engage top prospects

Find out how Prospect Visual is helping small and large organizations reach prospects more effectively.

Simple. Effective. Beautiful.

Organizations that map connections to their prospective donors and rely on peer networks are far more successful in raising bigger gifts than those that don't.

Prospecting Made Easy

Prospect Visual helps fundraisers reach their prospective donors 200 times faster. They love the visualization and the connections that Prospect Visual delivers.
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